Foodle Wordle Game

Foodle is the perfect puzzle game for true food lovers. In this game you will find everything about food, cooking and restaurants. At the beginning of the game, your screen has an empty grid. You have to find the correct 5-letter words related to food and complete the grid. There are only six chances to guess the words correctly.

How to play Foodle Game?


Use the on-screen keyboard to write your first 5-letter word. Use only food-related words in this game. It's best to start with commonly used words: for example, use SAUCE.


To send the answer, you need to press the “Enter” button.


You will receive colored hints after each of your attempts. Let's deal with them. Green tiles mean that the correctly chosen letters are in the correct places. If you see yellow tiles, then you have chosen the correct letter, but put it in the wrong place. Gray tiles mean that the selected letters do not occur anywhere in the word.


You can always use the “Backspace” button to delete extra words and letters.


Try to guess all food-related words as soon as possible and improve your culinary knowledge with fun!

Did you like Foodle Wordle?

Foodle is the word puzzle game created by Daniel Anyanwoke based on Wordle. Foodle and Wordle are very close and have the same rules. The main difference between them is that in Foodle absolutely all words are related to food. So this Wordle spin-off is perfect for those guys who are in love with food. If you like everything related to cooking, food, restaurants, recipes, healthy food, etc., then this game is perfect for you! Many people find it more enjoyable than traditional Wordle because it’s funnier to guess food terms and definitions than ordinary words. Foodle is a great way to build up your culinary vocabulary and have fun! How many answers about food could you give? Foodle will check it out.